Want to introduce the SDGs in a fun way to your younger students?
Quizzability has the right games for you!

Want to stir the sustainability conversation in your class? Want your students to know more about the 17 SDGs in a fun way?

Quizzability 4Kids is a free-to-use set of four games for a younger audience.

Through these quizzes, teachers can create different and fun classes, where students interact and learn about sustainability and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. in a dynamic and transformative way.

The games are to be played offline, in groups of 2 – 4, and have a dynamic and transformative learning approach.

We believe that human interactions are key for positive cognitive and social development.

The games:

Game 1 – The SDGs

Game 2 – How can I help

Game 3 – How will I help

Game 4 – Game of Solutions

Game Cards

Simple games for a complex audience!