About Us

Quizzability is a trustworthy, science-based sustainability knowledge platform. We are a part of the change to a sustainable future for all. Our World depends on the work of knowledgeable people. For this reason, education and people are at the core of what we do.


Quizzability began with a mission to make sustainability knowledge fun and accessible to all. After more than a decade working in sustainability projects, in 2023, our eco-conscious team created a platform of engaging, simple-to-use and fun quizzes, simplifying complex sustainability topics. Over time, our community has grown, spreading environmental awareness and inspiring positive change. Together, we shape a greener future, one quiz at a time.

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What we strive for

As a community, we need to share knowledge to build a more sustainable tomorrow. Our team shares a common goal, but each one of us brings their own personal characteristics and ideas. As a group of highly motivated individuals, we see ourselves as courageous, but humble. We evaluate but take risks. We go fast but take care of our people. We encourage individuality but build strength as a team. We build trust on transparency. We build sustainable spaces for a brighter future.

And thus, our tools will become the top-of-mind solution for the development of sustainability knowledge.

Our Core Values

At Quizzability, we share five core principles:

This is our DNA. This is who we are!