Sustainability knowledge has short, mid, and long term positive impacts in students and professionals. Besides providing your teams with knowledge on issues that directly affect their lives and their surroundings, this transformative knowledge enables them to bring value to the organisation.

Also, for your organisation, be it a school, university, public sector institution, private company, you can report a partnership for sustainability (SDG 17) and that your teams were provided with sustainability knowledge (SDG 4).

Quizzability quizzes are developed for adult and young adult groups. However, there is the KIDS Quiz focused on younger audiences (under 15 years of age).

The KIDS Quiz, the basic 34 question Quiz, and the Website page quiz.

The Basic package is free to use and will be free to use. We want people to use our tools according to their needs and if Basic is enough for you that’s okay! However, should you need an update, feel free to reach out to us.

Education goes beyond a classroom, a school, or a university. We work closely with different companies, providing educational solutions for their staff, qualified and non-qualified.

We invite you to try the Standard or Premium package. On the Standard package you will have access to extra 17 modules, each one referring to one SDG. If you need something more specific, concerning your industry or field, you can also create them on our platform.

Should you want to have us to help you with the creation of a theme-specific module, the Premium package is the one for you.

The questions are created by a team deeply involved in sustainability issues. Some of us are scientists, researchers in the field of Sustainable development and we aim at providing our partners and clients with the best, most updated questions, and sources.

The content was curated by a team, from the most reliable international sources. The issues referred on our quizzes are all based on the 17 United Nations’ SDGs and its targets.

Some of our partners, due to specific internal rules require specific solutions. We bypass such hurdles with the possibility of the creation of APIs for our partners and clients. Contact us, to know more.

Statistics and history are only available on the Premium package. For more details, drop us a message.

Our tools are available globally. Our partners and clients come from very different geographies. We will issue an invoice for you, regardless of your location.

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