Quizzability and YouthDream Spark Sustainable Futures in Central Portugal Middle Schools 🎮🌍

In an exciting partnership, Quizzability and YouthDream NGO joined forces to bring a new dimension to sustainability education in middle schools in the Viseu Region, Central Portugal. Through innovative games and collaborative activities, students embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6, 13, and 14 in a whole new light.

🌐 Gaming with Purpose:

We teamed up with YouthDream to bring educational games on sustainability that entertain and educate. These sessions turned the classroom into a vibrant discussion arena where students actively participated in exploring sustainability topics.

🕹️ SDG Exercises:

Each game centered around real-world challenges linked to SDGs 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), 13 (Climate Action), and 14 (Life Below Water). Students engaged in discussions, making decisions that simulated the impact of their choices on the environment.

💧 SDG 6: Water and sanitation

Students shared their ideas and concerns of the access to clean water access, drawing scenarios that highlighted the importance of water conservation and sanitation in communities around the world.

🌍 SDG 13: Climate Change

Students were also challenged to make eco-friendly decisions in a virtual world, showcasing the power of individual actions in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable living.

🌊 SDG 14: Life below water

Finally, students dove deep into the world beneath the waves, sharing ideas about the preservation of marine ecosystems and the significance of preserving life below water.

🤝 Collaborative Learning:

The collaboration between Quizzability and YouthDream aimed to foster collaboration and critical thinking. Students worked together to overcome challenges, emphasizing the importance of collective action in achieving sustainable goals.

🌱 Seeds of Change:

These sessions serve to “plant the seeds” of awareness and responsibility. Quizzability and YouthDream believe that by gamifying sustainability education, students are learning and internalizing the principles of environmental stewardship.

Impact and Beyond:

The impact of these sessions extends beyond the classroom, sparking a newfound interest in sustainability and inspiring a generation of eco-conscious individuals. As Quizzability and YouthDream continue to innovate in the realm of education, the hope is to nurture a community of young minds ready to tackle the challenges of a changing world.

In the world of Quizzability and YouthDream, games aren’t just for entertainment—they are a powerful tools for shaping a sustainable future. 🚀🎮✨

Quizzability and YouthDream Spark Sustainable Futures in Central Portugal Middle Schools 🎮🌍