Last Thursday, on the 2nd of November, the Quizzability team had the privilege to attend an enchanting event at the Museu Nacional dos Coches, hosted by the amazing folks at Startup Portugal. 🚀 This event, part of the #Road2WebSummit initiative, was an absolute delight! It was an afternoon filled with inspiration, brilliant ideas, and valuable connections that will stay with us forever. ✨

Connecting with Inspiring Startups: The event brought us face to face with some of the country’s most innovative startups. From sustainability to tech, these entrepreneurs are driving positive change and pushing boundaries. We had the chance to engage in insightful discussions with these inspiring individuals, gaining fresh perspectives and ideas that will shape our work. 💡🌱

An Honorable Conversation: The evening's highlight was our brief but insightful conversation with the President of the Republic. It underscored the significance of our mission, which revolves around sustainability education. This encounter has further fueled our determination to make a difference. 🤝

Fueling Our Passion for Sustainability: Events like this are what fuel our passion for sustainability education. They remind us of the importance of our mission and the path to a better future. Sustainability is our roadmap to a brighter world, and we're committed to exploring every avenue to make it a reality. 🌎💫

Gratitude and Connections: We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to attend this event and for the incredible connections made. A massive thanks to Startup Portugal for bringing us all together on this remarkable evening. Together, we can continue to create a better, more sustainable world. 🙏🌍

Our unforgettable day in Lisbon was a testament to the power of networking, collaboration, and the pursuit of a shared mission. We're excited about the future and the positive changes we can make together. Let's continue to push boundaries, inspire others, and work towards a sustainable and brighter world, above and beyond! 💪🌍 💫

Meeting the President of the Republic - A Remarkable milestone for Quizzability! 🌟