Quizzability recently visited Futurália, the largest education event in Portugal. At the event, our team engaged with institutions to promote sustainability education and encourage students to think critically about environmental issues.

At Futurália, our team shared their vision of promoting sustainability education and encouraged institutions to incorporate the platform into their educational programs.

We had the amazing opportunity to share our fun and informative content, with questions that challenges students' knowledge and encouraged them to think critically about sustainability issues. Many institutions expressed interest in using the platform as a tool for teaching sustainability and creating awareness among students.

Quizzability's visit to Futurália was a great opportunity to promote sustainability education and engage with institutions that are committed to creating a more sustainable future. By collaborating with educational institutions, Quizzability is helping to create a generation of informed and responsible citizens who will work towards a more sustainable world.

In conclusion, Quizzability's visit to Futurália was a success! Can’t wait for next year’s edition!

Quizzability Visits Futurália